Increase your income and become a professional Personal Trainer with the support of personal trainer management services.

Personal trainer

It’s not always easy working alone and always having the best interest of your clients. But who is looking after you and making sure you and your business are developing towards success?

Personal Trainer Management Services

PBW has a business development program designed to make sure your business has the fundamentals for running a successful Personal Training & Group Fitness business. The program covers everything from Sales, Marketing, Client Management, Personal Development, Pricing, Packaging so you can increase the amount your business turns over.

We also have a range of Remedial & Outdoor Fitness items ready to be sold at bulk prices – which means great savings for you and excellent value for your clients.

Are you counting reps or counting money?

What you will learn

  • How to set achievable goals and work towards them
  • 3 P’s Products, Packages & Pricing
  • Sales & Lead Generation; cold and referral
  • Marketing on a Zero Budget
  • Working your database, more than your mobile phone
  • Account Management. It’s not just about the workout

Who would benefit from this program?

  • Anyone who is starting out
  • Have constant problems with cancellations
  • If your counting reps instead of money
  • Doesn’t know where their next client is coming from
  • Still training the same clients
  • Not sure how to keep getting new business

Business Development Consultant – Michael Alonso

Michael is the founder of Performance Body Works. Having a corporate background in sales and managing sales teams in the telecommunication space, he generated allot of success and earning six figures during his time. He then took a chance and went into the Health & Fitness industry and has created a successful Personal Training & Group Fitness business.

With that success, PBW has moved into corporate health where Michael facilitates a range of Health and Wellness programs designed to minimise the burn out caused by those heavy workloads and make companies more productive.

Want Proof?

Michael has helped me understand business and what needs to be addressed especially when running a small business. I thought becoming a Personal Trainer would be easy, but I found running the business and generating new business very difficult. His consultations have given me a strong internal foundation and I am earning more than I thought I would and I have acquired some skills I can take anywhere.

To get what you’ve never had, you must do what you’ve never done.